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Wordless Wednesday Photo Album–Pge 6

Photographs from Album created by Ruth Fuller Pyatt Dourte
(my paternal grandmother)
circa 1924
page 6 - a
Near Rifle, Co. Aug 1924
Page 6 - c
Meeker, Co. Aug 1924
Page 6 - b
Near Grand Junction, Co. Aug 1924

Page 6 - d


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Mystery Monday – Who can they be?

Mystery photo - aMystery photo - b

While digitizing an old photo album, that my Dad’s mom put together – circa 1924, I found these two professional pictures.  Nothing written on either side…nothing indicating who these two might be…  I am not sure if either of these is my grandmother…although the one on the right seems to me to have characteristics of the her side of the family.  Maybe my great-aunt?  Maybe pictures of some cousins?  My search begins…I am up for a good mystery!